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This page contains descriptions and links to some of the mobile apps that are based on Think-Grow's Knowledge Modules.


The Think-Grow Knowledge Modules cover different fields like Leadership, Communication, Personal Development, Psychology, The Mind, Health, and more... Each Knowledge Module contains concise and comprehensive summaries of some of the most popular and best-selling books within its field.


The Mobile Apps themselves contain great features including:

  • The Book Summaries from the Knowledge Modules, in addition to
  • a 3-stage Quiz to test your knowledge in each field, and
  • Valuable learning and personal development Mind Maps, including: Keys to Learning, Growth & Development, and Think-Grow Modules. They also include
  • a tool for collaboratively sharing interesting readings, online resources, and words of wisdom.


The Apps are optimized for easy and convenient reading on mobile devices. Use the links in the page to navigate to more information about each of the Apps, and to download from the relevant App store.

The Better Brain Library

Some of the topics and skills covered in this app include learning, creativity, memory, attention, nutrition for brain health, decision making, brainstorming, mind mapping, and many more topics that will help make you a more intelligent thinker.

The "Better Brain Library" app contains summaries of the most popular, important, and successful books on understanding our brain, improving our thinking, optimizing our brains, powering our memory, and developing an important set of cognitive and learning skills.

KWEST : The Mind's Adventure

Can you rebuild the Tower of Wisdom ?

Test your mind's speed , concentration , and memory, with the Brain Arena.. Test your Knowledge with the Knowledge Path.. and Keep an eye on the secret Quests... KWEST is a game of intelligence, knowledge, and planning.

Succeed !

"Succeed!" contains summaries of the best motivational and personal growth books.

Develop your emotional, social, and verbal intelligence.
Learn from Leonardo Da Vinci, and know the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

(Tap to Download)

Communicate !

Communicating well is a most important interpersonal skill.

Use the summaries in this application to learn about Verbal Intelligence, Dealing with Difficult People, Listening Skills, Communicating to Win, Presenting, etc...


You can never succeed on your own. You have to work in teams, groups, and with other people all the time. This application will introduce you to the arts (and sciences) of influencing, persuasion, and negotiation.

Learn how to build trust, promote your vision and ideas, influence people's behavior and thinking, and create winning partnerships.

Lead !

After improving personal and interpersonal skills, and developing emotional and social intelligence, leadership is the next frontier.

Go beyond effectiveness to greatness, and learn the arts of decision making, motivation, strategy, and more...

Psychology-I: Personalities & Behavior

Psychology-I contains well written, concise, and rich-enough summaries of highly important and influential books that cover personalities, judgment, behavior, habits, intelligence, memory, irrationality, motivation, and more…

Start with taking the temperament sorter questionnaire, learn more about your personality profile (and those of others), and then go on to read about making better decisions, understanding behavior, the different intelligences, motivation, and irrationality.

The Good Health Guide - Diet , Fitness , and Nutrition

This application will give you a wide and comprehensive view of some of the most important concepts in the fields of weight loss and diet. It can also help you gain a deeper understanding of fitness and healthy nutrition.

The information contained in this app's different summaries is valuable and vital for maintaining a strong and healthy body.

The Good Health Guide – II : General Health & Wellness

This Part of the Good Health Guide is more General. It is a great resource for learning about the body and its functions, wellness, and a general set of health issues important to everyone.

It has great summaries of some of the influential books on health, longevity, popular medicine, the human body and other important topics like stress, immunity, diseases, first aid, and more...

Smart Parenting & Child Development

This app is a great resource for parents interested in learning more about one of their most important tasks.

It contains summaries of some of the most successful books on parenting, helping your family succeed and thrive, and developing your child's cognitive, emotional, and social potential.

Think-Grow's Facebook Page

Ok .. Its not technically an 'app' , but Join our Facebook Page to stay in touch and receive interesting and fun (hopefully) periodic updates, reports, articles, pictures, videos, and more..

The topics covered span a wide area of education, knowledge, thinking, science, arts, and reports and musings from our blog (

Pixelated : The Pixels Puzzle

Pixelated is a simple but extremely challenging strategy game.

Unify all the colors into one, and do it with the least time and moves!

Ancient Mystery

What is the hidden mystery?

How can solving a number of riddles and brain teasers take you on a deeper and further quest, to uncover a great hidden truth?

What is the secret 'code' that connects Plato & Socrates, Myths, Dragons, Greek Gods, Ancient Philosophies, a Cave man, the beginnings of civilization, Astrology, and many jewels of wisdom from different thinkers of different ages ?

Discover, Think, Read, and Learn as this ancient and thoughtful magical quest takes you to different challenges of observation, intelligence, insight, knowledge and wisdom.

Fast Focus : Count Fast !

Fast Focus is a game of concentration and speed.

You simply need to count to 20/25 or tap the A-B-Cs as fast as possible. The different organization of numbers and colors will try to slow you down, so you'll need your concentration and wit to finish quickly.

Profile Me: a Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Know more about your personality with “Profile Me”. It is personality profiling application that is based on the research of Myers and Briggs.

Through a set of consecutive multiple choice questions, “Profile Me” will determine your dominant character traits, and generate a description of your personality type, considering 4 dimensions: Extraversion-Introversion, Sensory-Intuitive, Thinking-Feeling, and Judging-Perceiving.

A to P Marketing Guide: Book Summaries, Tips, and Quiz

This Module is about Marketing Knowledge : It Contains the essence of more than 3000 pages from the best and most popular books written on marketing, presented in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand manner.

Each summary includes important concepts and ideas from the book, with their supporting logic to allow for deeper understanding. The summaries also include a large number of cases and stories that help explain the points in a very practical and memorable manner.

The Better Brain Library Android

Better Brain Android App

ذاكرة النقوش: ذكاء وفن وتاريخ

بغداد القاهرة القدس دمشق غرناطة ....

مدن عربية جميلة فيها الكثير من الإبداعات الرائعة ، من عمارة ونقوش و خط و زخرفة ، تشهد على تاريخ حافل بالجهد والقصص والشخصيات وعلى تراث وفنون الحضارة العربية والإسلامية

في هذه اللعبة ستتحوّل هذه الإبداعات إلى لغز ينتظر الحلّ، وإلى اختبار للذاكرة والذكاء والإبداع

هل بإمكانك أن تنجح بأقلّ من 35 ثانية ( سرعة ) ؟؟ بأقلّ من 26 محاولة ( دقة )؟؟

هل بإمكانك أن تحرز علامة 100% أو أعلى ؟؟

يتوجب عليك أن تتذكر مواضع النقوش المختلفة، لتجد المتشابه بينها... ولكن هذا لا يكفي : لا بدّ لذاكرتك أن تكون قويّة و أسلوبك مبدعا لكي تتمكن من النجاح في أسرع وقت وبأفضل طريقة ممكنة... لا بد من الذاكرة والسرعة والذكاء والإبداع والمثابرة

بإمكانك أن تتحدّى أصدقاءك وغيرهم من اللاعبين عبر الحصول على أفضل تقييم و سرعة وغيرها من المؤشّرات

كلما كان أداؤك أفضل وذاكرتك اقوى، حصلت على المزيد من نقاط الخبرة.. مع الخبرة سترتفع رتبتك في اللعبة، وهذا ما سيسمح لك بحلّ الألغاز واكتشاف المصدر الذي أتت منه النقوش في المدن المختلفة

نقوش في الذاكرة هي لعبة تمزج اختبار ذاكرتك وبراعتك ، مع استكشاف جوانب من فنون الحضارة العربية - الإسلامية عبر السياحة في بعض مدنها.. استمتع بالتحدّي، حسّن مهاراتك الفكرية، وتعلّم عن إبداعات حضاريّة مهمّة تشهد على تاريخ غنيّ وحافل

5 مدن
8 صور في كلّ منها مأخوذة من معالمها
إبداعات تشمل الخط ، النحت، النقش، الزخرفة، العمارة، وغيرها من الفنون الإسلامية