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The Kwest Challenge

Ancient Mystery



How far can you go? Can you rebuild the Tower of Wisdom? Uncover the hidden quests and solve the mysteries behind them? Train, Challenge, and Learn as you go on this adventure of the mind in the pathways of KWEST.

This is NOT an adventure game, a trivia game, a mystery game, or a brain-training game... It contains better versions of all these, blended and calibrated, along with many more features and surprises - KWEST will take you on a quest to into the known, the unknown, the real, the magical, the fast and strong, and the deep and profound!

Some games take learning and 'brain-training' too seriously, and by doing this they transform gaming and playing into work and studying.. Some games don't offer any educational or useful content, and are just made of long and endless repetitions of similar activities... KWEST is a hybrid game that brings you the best of different worlds: A challenging, meaningful, and entertaining adventure, that let's learn new things, and exercise your mental muscles.

A complete adventure of wits, strategy, and thought: KWEST is a new species of mobile games; it is powerful, diverse, mysterious, and entertaining... while being very educational and capable of stretching your mental muscles.

KWEST is a magical adventure that requires you to collect resources, advance through the eras, rebuild the lost mystical tower, and solve a set of mysteries... The catch, however, is that game play in KWEST not a mindless activity of shooting objects or jumping above obstacles, it is a set of challenges and activities that will expand and test your knowledge, and exercise your brain, while your work on achieving your goals and beating the game.

You can develop and advance your character, and acquire resources, by going through the Brain Arena or the Knowledge Path, where you receive Gold and KNOPs for your achievements and improve your Karma if you're that good. Decide what tools you want to take on your quest, and be prepared! The tower of Wisdom may not be very easy to rebuild, and the Quests will remain hidden if you aren't powerful enough, but there are magical resources that might help: The Key of Energy, The Hammer of Strength, The Knot of Knowledge, The Oracle, The Well, The Tree...

KWEST mixes adventure, strategy and planning, mystery, and knowledge with concentration, attention, and mental speed.. Go 'UP' to see an explanation of some of the features of KWEST.


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"Time is a game played beautifully by children."
- Heraclitus, Fragments

Games have an amazing power. The Power to entertain , fascinate, and educate. Games not only transport us to amazing and magical worlds we would otherwise have no chance of seeing, but they also give us the opportunity to act and influence in these worlds.

KWEST, Ancient Mystery, and the other games by Think-Grow are an attempt to harness the power of games in creating meaningful, beautiful, entertaining, fruitful, and satisfying experiences.