The Real Cost of Obesity

It is very interesting to see the actual total monetary costs of obesity to society.. Needless to say that ‘real’ (i.e. social, emotional, etc..) costs are much more important. But the below information from Mckinsey helps give a closer look at the ‘economic’ costs.. It might also be important to compare the ‘incremental profit’ of the fast food industry and compare..

An obesity pandemic has put pressure on health care systems throughout the world. The United Kingdom, for instance, spent more than £4 billion on obesity-related medical costs in 2007, and that could rise to £9.7 billion by 2050. The United States currently spends about $160 billion—twice what it did a decade ago—and that amount could double again by 2018.

Yet these huge numbers represent only a fraction of the pandemic’s total economic burden on societies. Obesity indirectly costs the United States at least $450 billion annually—almost three times the direct medical cost. The situation is comparable in other countries as well. To learn more, read “Why governments must lead the fight against obesity” (October 2010).


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