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Obliquity by John Kay – Book Review

This book discusses how it is impossible sometimes to pursue our goals directly, where oblique (indirect) paths yield better results.   The writer basically validates this by examples from three fields. The happiest people aren’t those who pursue happiness, the … Continue reading

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Upside-Down Thinking: Interesting Examples

These Examples of Upside-Down Thinking are adapted from ‘The Age of Unreason’ by Charles Handy. Upside-Down Thinking wonders what magic it is that determines that forty hours spread over five days should be the working week for most people.. Why … Continue reading

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Weick: the case for SenseMaking

This feeling of thrown-ness and the need to make sense of it are just what we would expect if we took seriously the psychological implications of quantum theory and chaos theory. Both of these theories suggest that the world is … Continue reading

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Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law or The Rising Pyramid Work – it is said – expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. ‘It is the busiest man who has time to spare’. A lack of real activity does not … Continue reading

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“every theory makes a bargain with reality” M. Sahlins “Every theory trades certain kinds of knowledge at the expense of other kinds of knowledge. to put it more forcefully, every knowledge comes at the expense of a certain kind of … Continue reading

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