Weick: the case for SenseMaking

This feeling of thrown-ness and the need to make sense of it are just what we would expect if we took seriously the psychological implications of quantum theory and chaos theory. Both of these theories suggest that the world is less like a machine and more like a shifting pattern of relationships. These patterns are unknowable because any effort to measure them changes them. These patterns are also unpredictable because very small differences in initial conditions can lead very quickly to vast differences in the future state of the system. (McDaniel 1997). In an unknowable, unpredictable world, sensemaking is all we have!


– By “thrown” he means: people can’t avoid acting, can’t step back and reflect on their actions, can’t predict the effects of their actions, have no choice but to deal with interpretations whose correctness ┬ácannot be settled once and for all, and they can’t remain silent.


This is from his book : “The Future of Leadership” – Chapter 8: Leadership as the Legitimation of Doubt


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